ARCHIVE: 15 November 2010

Didn’t you see this coming? This Thursday/Friday Deathly Hallows comes out! I’m massively excited, so here’s my post inspired by Harry Potter.


This is a more professional look. The top is (I think) a striped Mossimo top from Target. I’m not sure of the price because I got it from a friend when she didn’t fit it haha. The pants are just basic black pants- I think I got them from Maurice’s. You could find these at a number of stores. They usually have a really good selection of cheap ones at JC Penny’s. The red shoes… Well I’m obsessed. Every girl needs a pair of red pumps. This particular pair is a deep red, velvet, and gold-studded from Rue 21. Bargain alert- $24! I saw these and basically ran to the check-out counter bouncing around joyfully. Can’t tell I like shoes, can you?


Hermione’s look is always going to be a formal look, but with a really girly, cute twist. Here’s a floral blazer I got for $3 from Salvation Army; pair it with a yellow cami underneath. The skirt is a blue shiny material and it’s from Maurice’s. ($4) The shoes are shockingly a product of KMart! They lace up and they look really fun and spring-like when they’re worn. ($15) I actually really like this look. I think it’d be a fun outfit for a casual date. Guess what? This entire outfit cost $22. Win? I think so.


Ron’s is the most casual and fun. A green-yellow cardigan from Charlotte Russe, ($22) a cami from Victoria’s Secret that says, “Yes Please” on it, ($20) H&M dark wash jeans, ($10) and gold gladiator sandals. I have no idea where the sandals are from or how much they were- they were a gift. I’m obsessed with this cami. I saw it and just started cracking up. It’s absolutely one of the greatest pieces of clothing I have ever seen. This whole outfit is just a fun summer/fall look!


Lastly, we have dreamy Luna. She’s such a great character and all of her styles in the movie are adorable. This dress is Elle brand from Kohl’s. ($55) And the shoes are from DSW. ($45) The dress has a zipper down the front and the shoes have the curled zippers as decoration. They go together really well. And I like the color scheme a lot.
I want to find something that looks like the dress she wore to Slughorn’s Christmas party…


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