What’s your name?


How old are you? 


Got a job? 

Eh, I work as a freelance makeup artist, but I don’t have a steady job, no. I have health problems that I’m currently trying to fix which prevents me from having a job.

How about school? 

If I stay in the US, I’ll be going to Aveda next year. I’m trying to move to London to go to the Sassoon Academy.

Where does the name “Couture Challenged” come from? 

Basically, a lot of my favourite clothing items are couture items and extremely expensive items that I can’t afford and it’s just kind of a play that I’m challenged since I can’t buy them. I like it.

What’s your natural hair colour? 

Like a chestnut brown colour, I guess.

What colour are your eyes? 

Dark, dark brown, sometimes they look black.

How often do you dye your hair? 

Whenever I get bored. Haha, I’d say the colour changes every two or three months, but I’ve had the turquoise since the end of August. I want to keep it for a while, I really love it.

How do you keep your hair healthy? 

What’dya know? I made a video about that you can watch HERE!

What foundation do you use? 

NEW: Kat Von D’s Lock-It Tattoo Foundation with Coty powder to set it.
OLD: For liquid I use MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid and then I put Bare Escentuals on over it. I like really full coverage, but I don’t like looking cakey. I’ve been doing it like this for a few years and I can put on a full face in less than two minutes.

Why did you start a beauty blog/start making videos? 

Well, my friends wanted me to tell them about beauty and hair and stuff like that, but it ended up being me telling different people the same thing a whole bunch of different times, so I just decided, why not write about it? I’ve been blogging for almost two years, but I just started making YouTube videos… I’m lazy when it comes to editing and I don’t have a nice camera or good lighting.

Who is your beauty inspiration? 

It changes from time to time, based on what my style is. But a lot of the time I get my style inspiration from 1950’s pinups, pictures of people at Woodstock, Miley Cyrus, random people on the internet, LookBook, and my number one style icon- Lou Teasdale.

Who are your favourite bloggers? 

A Beautiful Mess 
Cannibal’s Find 
Fashion Pirate (#2… Arabelle is a sassy, queer, feminist with flawless style and hair.)
Honestly… WTF 
Lady Danger 
Skunkboy Creatures
Style Rookie (#1… I’ve been following Tavi basically since she started.)
The Daily Nail 

How did you get into makeup? 

I’ve always been interested in beauty, but I didn’t really wear a lot of makeup until I was about 15, when my mom decided to buy me some nice makeup before I started high school. She started a frenzy and obsession and it’s grown from there. I just kind of picked up hair and other beauty-related things on the way. I switch off on whether I’m more interested in makeup or hair about every other day. Fun fact: When I was a little kid, I put all of my mom’s makeup that she gave me to play dress up with in a drawer in our guest room and tried to give her friends “makeovers” at my fancy salon, “Raven Beauty Salon.” It was a good time. My mother should’ve known then that her daughter would become a raging beauty addict…

Are you sponsored? 

Not currently, no. I’ll let you guys know when/if I am. But I’m definitely open to it and hope to be. I’ve reached out to a few companies and I’m waiting for replies. I know some people don’t like sponsorship, but this is my job. I’m going to be working in the beauty industry for the rest of my life and I need to start somewhere. That being said, I will never do a sponsored video of something saying I love it when I truly don’t like it just to please the company. All of my opinions are my own.

How can I contact you?

You can click the links I have to get to my Facebook, Twitter, (@couturetweeting) or YouTube. Or you can email me: couturechallenged@gmail.com
If you’re too lazy to do any of that, I’ve set up this handy little contact form.
*For business inquiries, please email me directly.


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