ARCHIVE: 15 November 2010

I couldn’t get a very good full body picture for this outfit. I’m wearing a zippered cardigan from Kohl’s and underneath is a little bit above the knee-length pink floral dress that I got from a designer resale shop for $25- originally $185. I teased my hair pretty much all around and put in a grey flower headband, also from Kohl’s. My makeup is really simple: Basic foundation, black winged liner on top and Mac’s Viva La Glam GaGa lipstick. I wore it with dark grey mid-calf socks and black ankle boots! I really did like this outfit, but it was a bit warm at school. Nice to throw on when you wake up late!

A casual outfit?! Crazy talk! Well, I finally wore something that wasn’t that intricate or fashion-esque. I have a Simply Vera jacket from Kohl’s on. ($65) Underneath, I’m wearing a light green tank from Marshall’s. ($15) The jeans are from AE and I paid $60 for them which I usually wouldn’t pay, but it’s whatever because I needed jeans… BADLY. Haha I only have three pairs and none of them fit me right! The shoes are Coach from last spring’s collection. I got them at a Coach outlet for about $60 and I had a 40% off coupon. If you’re buying expensive items that have outlets- GO GO GO! Savings. Pure bliss. If you’ll notice… My hair looks super soft! I did a moisturizing treatment on it. I’m not really sure of which one I used, but it’s from Sally’s. I had it in for about four and a half hours and when I got it out my hair just felt fantastic. I have my basic face makeup on and here’s the eyes…
Eye makeup how-to:

  • Put on an eye primer. I like Urban Decay’s Potion Primer.
  • Swipe MAC’s “Shroom” eyeshadow over the entire lid.
  • Use a light brown color and dab it on the corners.
  • Apply black gel liner on top and black pencil liner on the bottom.
  • You’re done! This is a really simple, easy look for school.

I’ve been wearing sweatpants a lot lately and not really doing much with my hair or makeup… I’ve just been busy lately; hence the lack of posting. I’ll have more soon.


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