ARCHIVE: 22 November 2010

I really should be in bed right now, but I’m not all that tired, which is surprising since I had a very eventful weekend. I just got out of the shower and started using a new shampoo which got me thinking about hair and behold- a post about haircare!


First off I’m going to talk about the devil- PANTENE.
Everyone absolutely loves Pantene because it makes your hair seem super healthy and SHINY. No, it makes your hair terribly unhealthy and basically kills all of the essential oils and proteins your hair needs. The reason Pantene is called Pantene is because its main ingredient, and basically what it’s made of is something called “panthenol.” For those of you who don’t know what this- it’s floor wax. Panthenol=floor wax. So you’re actually waxing your hair. If you use Pantene, or something that has loads of panthenol, next time you go get a haircut ask them to show you how they scrape the wax off of your hair. They’ll run a blade down your hair and wax lands in their hand. If you’ve ever scratched a candle with your nail and the little bits of wax come off- that’s what it looks like. It’s disgusting. This is basically what you’re doing to your hair:
 Nasty, right? It was really hard to find an image of what the wax in your hair looks like, because you can’t really see it very well unless you’re up close or literally take it out, but basically…

Besides taking nutrients out of your hair, you’ll probably have slower hair growth. Now- I know one of you smartasses is going to come to me saying, “Melissa!!!111! Lyke ur hair doesnt stop growin ever!!1!” That’s correct, BUT– although your hair may be growing at the top, if you don’t take care of the rest of it you’re going to get various looks at the bottom. Your hair could get crunchy, hard, split, (like split ends) and basically look crappy. The reason it seems like your hair isn’t growing when it’s unhealthy is because the hair at the end is breaking off. So basically you’re body is naturally giving you a haircut- but since it breaks off all the time you can never let it grow farther. That’s why it’s better to cut off half an inch once every month or two than let the body take its course and lose an inch (or more) each month. Also, since it’s breaking- the end of your hair will look uneven. So basically it looks like you have a bad haircut. Tough break, broski.

But hark! You can help your hair! If your hair is gross, go get a hair cut and a moisturizing treatment or malibu. Moisturizing treatments and malibus are both going to make your hair very soft, shiny, and healthy; the only difference is that a malibu will take out the bad chemicals in your hair. Most swimmers get this. So unless you’re in chlorine or something like that a lot, just get a moisturizing treatment.

Then, go out and buy new shampoo and conditioner. (Btw- The thing about changing the type of shampoo/conditioner you use after you run out to make your hair healthier is a myth. I do it sometimes because I like to change it up, new scents and such, but it really isn’t beneficial in any way.) I like to use Bumble & Bumble. (B&B) I usually get it at Cole’s Salon, which is Minnesota based, but you can probably buy it elsewhere as well as online. I did find some at Target once- I flipped out and bought it. Two little shampoos for $18?! Wooop woop! This is what I’m currently using:

Not everyone will be able to afford this stuff- it’s quite expensive. So for drug store brands I suggest using Tresemme. It’s fairly cheap and really isn’t too bad for your hair! I also LOVE their heat-protectant. Most stylists will tell you it’s one of the best. (Unless they’re being paid to promote another product…)
I like their moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner, it makes your hair really soft and doesn’t get dirty quickly.

Garnier Fructis is alright too. But not my favorite- still kind of waxy. Don’t under any circumstances use Bath & Body Works shampoo/conditioner. It smells amazing, but it’s TERRIBLE for your hair. Stick to lotions and body sprays, B&BW.

I’m not too familiar with gels and things like it, so this is going to be a short portion, but from what I’ve used I like RUSK Being Undressed. I’m not sure of the price for this.

One last tip before I go:
When you’re washing your hair, make sure it gets really sudsy or it’s not clean! (Don’t listen to this rule when using organic products usually because they tend to be clean after one lather and don’t generally get sudsy.) Read the directions as well. And you know how it says “Lather, rinse, repeat?” Follow those directions. Your hair will be much nicer if you repeat the process.


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