ARCHIVE: 11 December 2010

Hello! Today I’m going to be showing you how to achieve this look. (Just the eyes.) It may seem difficult, but it’s really not. Obviously this isn’t an everyday look, but for parties (Maybe New Year’s parties?) it’s really fun!

Things you’ll need:

  • Range of eyeshadow colors including: Purple, blue, green, and yellow. (You’re probably going to want different shades of each color)
  • I find that it’s best to use a palette for these types of looks. A great one that I use nearly everyday is the Coastal Scents 88 Piece, which you can find here:
  • It’s a pretty inexpensive palette, the colors are vibrant, and the shadow applies smoothly.
  • Black eyeliner- I’d use gel for this, but pencil or liquid work just as well.
  • False lashes (Optional)
  • Eyeshadow brushes… This is important! Don’t use the pads to put on your eyeshadow. They don’t work as well, you won’t get very vibrant color, and they scratch your skin. Your eyelids are sensitive, so you don’t want to put weird things on them!
  • A blending brush. These are generally big, puffy versions of eyeshadow brushes. If you don’t have one, an eyeshadow brush will work okay.

Let’s start!

  1. Put primer on. This will hold your color better and the colors will show up much brighter.
  2. We’re going to start from the inner eye. (The part of your eyelid that is closest to the bridge of your nose.) Sweep a bright yellow on the top AND bottom of your eyes, covering about 1/3 of your eyes. (When I say eyes, I mean your upper lid and your lower lid, where you’d normally put eyeliner on on the bottom.)
  3. Take a light teal-green (I think it looks similar to Ariel’s fins. FYI- She’s the Little Mermaid.) and sweep it from about 3/4 of the way down on the yellow and finish of half of your eyes. Remember, we’re going from right to left.
  4. Take a brighter green and go over nearly all of the light teal and bring it towards the end of your eyes. Remember, you’re blending all of these colors together as you’re doing it. You don’t want hard lines.
  5. Using a royal blue, apply a small amount on the outer corner of the upper lid. This will be the least used color on the upper lid.
  6. Using the same royal blue, apply a large amount on the lower lid, tapering out about two centimeters and up.
  7. On your upper lid, taper a navy blue, but go starting in the middle of your crease. (The part where below your eyebrow bone where the skin indents.)
  8. Finish the colors off by brushing a bright purple at the ends and tapering it out, making a “V” shape that should be colored in.
  9. Next, we’re going to add eyeliner. I’ll add three separate tutorials for gel, liquid, and pencil liner. So just scroll down a bit more to find them, and come back up here when you’re done! (Some of you might know how to do this, so you can skip this step.)
  10. Adding false lashes- OPTIONAL. If you’re not adding false lashes, skip to the next step. I’d suggest having someone else put these on or just not doing them if don’t feel comfortable putting them on. I always get asked if they hurt. The answer is no. Although- don’t open your eyes when you first put them down. If the glue gets in your eyes, it burns! Now I’m assuming you have your lashes, as well as lash glue. Some lashes come with tiny bottles of glue. Don’t use that. It doesn’t work well. I like Sephora’s lash glue. It’s inexpensive. It’s called “Duo” I believe. Now to begin. Take a lash and notice which side is longer. The side that’s longer with go on your outer eye and the shorter will go on your inner eye. (You should’ve figured out the latter if you read the first part of the sentence.) Squeeze a THIN line of lash glue (Quick note: Elmer’s won’t work. I’m serious. People have asked me before.) onto the eyelash strip. Blow on it for thirty-fourty seconds while it dries a bit, becoming tacky. Then, close your eye and put the lash on trying push it as far back and as far down as you can so it’s the closest to your lash. It probably won’t come out perfect if you’re not used to doing them. They can be frustrating. Open your eye and wait a bit. While you’re waiting, do the other eye. I like waiting about ten minutes to make sure they’re fully dried. If you mess with them before they’re dry, it’s disaster. Let’s pretend your ten minute chill-fest is over. Using a lash curler, now I know this next part is just shocking, curl your lashes. This will make them look more natural and get them to mix in with your natural lashes better. Here is what a lash looks like when applied in an alright manner- (I’m not an expert.)

    This does have mascara on it too, though.
  11. Mascara time! Most of you probably know how to put on mascara, it’s really not that difficult. But a few things you might want to know is that when you’re putting on layers, there are ways to do it. Makeup artists differ in the brush size to begin and end with, so you can find your own medium, but I’m going to tell you my favorite. I start with a brush that has a lot of thin bristles. Next, I move onto my thin, short, bristled brush. I finish off with a thick bristled brush. It’s really up to you what you’d like.
  12. Your look is complete! This might not turn out the way you want it right away. But keep practicing and you’ll figure it out.

Eyeliner tutorials:


  • Remember to use a brush for this.
  • Get a good amount of gel liner on your brush, making sure it’s even.
  • Obviously you’re going to bring the brush up to your eye and start in the middle, lining to the outer corner. (The way people do this varies, but for beginners and just for comfort, this usually works best.)
  • If you’d like a cat eye, go for it. I’m not going to explain cat eyes because this is just a mini-tutorial.
  • Taper it a tad bit at the end. (If you’re not doing the cat eye.) Line the inner corner, meeting up in the middle to make a smooth line.
  • Repeat on the other eye.

Follow the steps for the gel liner. Liquid liner sometimes is a hard or soft brush, depending on the kind. The same process can be used. They look about the same. Gel liner is generally easier to apply.


  • Pencil eyeliner is where my comfort zone is. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive. The problem with pencil is it doesn’t show up as well as liquid and gel and it smudges quite a bit.
  • To get a good line, I pull the corners of my eyes over. It tightens up your lid.
  • You can now basically just draw the line on.
  • Taper it at the end if you’d like.

For both liners- apply a small amount on the bottom outer corner, going towards the inner corner about 1/4 of the way.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and happy holidays!


ARCHIVE: 7 December 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, but I’ve been nasty sick and I don’t think you want a post or video on, “How to cough up mucus and lay in bed gasping for air as your immune system fails you.” Not pleasant. I would like to be sleeping right now, but I slept all day and I’m not very tired and it’s also harder to breathe when I lay down. Hopefully I’ll edit the one video I did make before I got sick soon. (Jar of Hearts)

Anyway, today is an interesting post. I was looking through the Beauty Gurus on YouTube and came across Promise’s video. (For those of you who don’t know- Promise is Michelle Phan’s, the biggest Guru on YT, sister.) Her video is a “Ganguro” look. At first I thought it was a Halloween tutorial, but now I realize it’s actually a style!

This is the average Ganguro look. It is an alternative fashion in Japan and has been around for about 10 years. It is characterized by dark, bronzed skin, lots of creamy white makeup around the eyes and lips, black eyeliner, bright hair, and many facial and hair adornments. I have no problem with this look, I can respect the culture. However, it’s not for me. I don’t think this would look all that great on me. Oh well!

The thing I found interesting about this is that while in Japan it is considered a subculture in fashion, if you take off the hair/facial adornments and lighten up on the eye and lip makeup, this is what people refer to as a “cake-face.” I’ve been told I cake on my makeup. I personally don’t think I do, but teach their own.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Adam Lambert, but his makeup is very caked on. You can see he has pock marks which are caused by acne. In an effort to cover them, he has more makeup than necessary on. Looking at his cheeks especially you’ll notice how the foundation looks creamy and painted on rather than blending with his skin. The good thing about his is that it matches his skin tone. Speaking of skin tones…
The more commonly known cake-faces are called at my school, “carrots.” Best known example? Snooki!

Excessive tanning can cause orange looking skin, rather than a nice bronze glow. Speaking from my experience, (Seeing girls at my school who cake on makeup) this generally happens not when one uses a UV tanning bed, (like Snooki does) but from spray-tanning. Let me get one thing straight here- I am not bashing people who spray-tan. I’m just trying to explain ways to make the tan look more natural and not like a spray. Spray tanning can work, but it can also produce an orange skin tone, discoloration, and patches of darker color. It truly depends on the person. I know people who spray-tan that clearly should not, and I also know people who do and look fine. The spray-tan by itself usually doesn’t make the skin look too orange-y, but the makeup that is applied after does. Many people use bronzers which, when used correctly, can look gorgeous, but when used incorrectly…

Yeah it just doesn’t look good. So here are some tips for applying bronzer-

  • Use a powder-based bronzer because it will blend with the foundation you already are wearing.
  • Don’t put it all over your face! Bronzer is not the equivalent of foundation. It is mean to accentuate certain areas of the face, namely the cheeks.
  • Apply bronzer to in the hollows of your cheeks OR the apples of your cheeks. If you do both, there will be too much.
  • Apply a small amount first. It’s much harder to take away the bronzer without ruining the rest of your makeup than it is to simply apply a bit more.
  • Don’t use expired makeup. Yes, makeup does expire! Everyone’s guilty of keeping makeup too long. I do! There are certain things that you can and can’t keep for too long and bronzer is one of those that you need to THROW AWAY! I’d suggest getting a new bronzer every six months if it’s a creme or a pressed powder. Mineral or loose powder could probably go up to a year. It also depends on the quality of the makeup. If you’re getting Dollar Store brand, get another one in a month. If you’re using Yves Saint Laurent then you can probably use it for a year.
  • Blend it with the rest of your makeup. It should highlight your face, not darken it.
  • Don’t go for a color that’s too dark for you. If you’re buying a brand where they have a store or a counter, or you’re buying something from a store like Sephora or Ulta, ask an employee to help you! That’s why they’re there.

The last thing I’ll talk about is the nasty face line. I’m pretty tolerant of screw-ups in makeup because not everyone knows how to do their makeup correctly and really, it’s not a big deal. BUT, I can’t stand it when I see the foundation line.
After searching for quite a bit, I found an example.

You can see the literal line where the makeup stops and starts in the first picture. Don’t do this! It’s not contouring.

I think I’ve made my point.
This is the end of this post. Ttfn!

ARCHIVE: 25 November 2010

Hi there! This will probably be a shortish post. I’m going to show you guys my new hair and talk about bleaching.

This is the reaction I get when people find out I’ve bleached my hair:

They pretty much flip out because first off- they think I bleached my entire head of hair. Second, everyone knows bleaching your hair is unhealthy. And third- I’m a natural brunette with dark eyebrows and dark brown eyes. Now here’s what YOU need to know:

  • It’s not all of my hair, it’s a thick section on my left side, the one without bangs.
  • It’s not white blonde. My hair didn’t take the color as well because it’s pre-colored dark brown. (Yes, my hair is naturally dark brown, but I had it foiled blonde over the summer and when I wanted to go brown again in September I had to dye it to its natural color.)
  • I got it professionally done so it doesn’t look like crap.
  • I know how to take care of my hair and it’s pretty healthy to begin with.

I like it a lot actually. I based it off of Christina Perri’s look. If you don’t know who she is, look up her music. It’s amazing; the song, Jar of Hearts is an obsession.

^^ That would be Chrsistina Perri. Love her. Love her tattoos and her hair and just basically everything about her. Look up her story of fame too- it’s great!
Here’s the night I got it done…

Here’s what I looked like the next day, after actually brushing out, drying, and styling my hair. I like it a lot!

If you’re planning on bleaching your hair, think about it a long time. Here’s what you need to know if you’re going to do it:

  • Bleaching your hair will, without a doubt, ruin your hair no matter how healthy it is. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of it before, it will still screw it up.
  • If your hair is pre-fried, basically it feels like hay, don’t bleach your hair because it’s likely your hair is going to fall out and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that.
  • Frying your hair comes from too much dyeing, bleaching, or heat styling. If you straighten your hair everyday, it’s likely this will happen to you. Curling will do this too, but it’s not as harsh because it doesn’t cover every part of your hair. A note about heat styling- there are products out there that can help you. Go get some heat protectant and put it on before you use anything with heat on your hair, every single time! (I like Tresemme’s, it’s about $3-5. You can get it at Target. CHI’s 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protectant is nice too and is only about $12.)
  • The bleach will make your hair dry and coarse. Your natural texture will be compromised.
  • There’s always a possibility of your hair breaking off. Know the risks.
  • Bleached hair doesn’t look the same on everyone, ask your stylist about it first.
  • Consult your stylist before getting it done- see if he or she thinks your hair is going to break off or fall out to make sure you’re not risking it.
  • Go to a professional stylist! DO NOT try to bleach your hair by yourself.

This is what fried bleach hair looks like:

I’m not an expert on bleached hair and I don’t have a ton of experience with it. Talk to a stylist, google it, or check some YouTube videos for more information. I highly recommend not to try it yourself.

ARCHIVE: 22 November 2010

I really should be in bed right now, but I’m not all that tired, which is surprising since I had a very eventful weekend. I just got out of the shower and started using a new shampoo which got me thinking about hair and behold- a post about haircare!


First off I’m going to talk about the devil- PANTENE.
Everyone absolutely loves Pantene because it makes your hair seem super healthy and SHINY. No, it makes your hair terribly unhealthy and basically kills all of the essential oils and proteins your hair needs. The reason Pantene is called Pantene is because its main ingredient, and basically what it’s made of is something called “panthenol.” For those of you who don’t know what this- it’s floor wax. Panthenol=floor wax. So you’re actually waxing your hair. If you use Pantene, or something that has loads of panthenol, next time you go get a haircut ask them to show you how they scrape the wax off of your hair. They’ll run a blade down your hair and wax lands in their hand. If you’ve ever scratched a candle with your nail and the little bits of wax come off- that’s what it looks like. It’s disgusting. This is basically what you’re doing to your hair:
 Nasty, right? It was really hard to find an image of what the wax in your hair looks like, because you can’t really see it very well unless you’re up close or literally take it out, but basically…

Besides taking nutrients out of your hair, you’ll probably have slower hair growth. Now- I know one of you smartasses is going to come to me saying, “Melissa!!!111! Lyke ur hair doesnt stop growin ever!!1!” That’s correct, BUT– although your hair may be growing at the top, if you don’t take care of the rest of it you’re going to get various looks at the bottom. Your hair could get crunchy, hard, split, (like split ends) and basically look crappy. The reason it seems like your hair isn’t growing when it’s unhealthy is because the hair at the end is breaking off. So basically you’re body is naturally giving you a haircut- but since it breaks off all the time you can never let it grow farther. That’s why it’s better to cut off half an inch once every month or two than let the body take its course and lose an inch (or more) each month. Also, since it’s breaking- the end of your hair will look uneven. So basically it looks like you have a bad haircut. Tough break, broski.

But hark! You can help your hair! If your hair is gross, go get a hair cut and a moisturizing treatment or malibu. Moisturizing treatments and malibus are both going to make your hair very soft, shiny, and healthy; the only difference is that a malibu will take out the bad chemicals in your hair. Most swimmers get this. So unless you’re in chlorine or something like that a lot, just get a moisturizing treatment.

Then, go out and buy new shampoo and conditioner. (Btw- The thing about changing the type of shampoo/conditioner you use after you run out to make your hair healthier is a myth. I do it sometimes because I like to change it up, new scents and such, but it really isn’t beneficial in any way.) I like to use Bumble & Bumble. (B&B) I usually get it at Cole’s Salon, which is Minnesota based, but you can probably buy it elsewhere as well as online. I did find some at Target once- I flipped out and bought it. Two little shampoos for $18?! Wooop woop! This is what I’m currently using:

Not everyone will be able to afford this stuff- it’s quite expensive. So for drug store brands I suggest using Tresemme. It’s fairly cheap and really isn’t too bad for your hair! I also LOVE their heat-protectant. Most stylists will tell you it’s one of the best. (Unless they’re being paid to promote another product…)
I like their moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner, it makes your hair really soft and doesn’t get dirty quickly.

Garnier Fructis is alright too. But not my favorite- still kind of waxy. Don’t under any circumstances use Bath & Body Works shampoo/conditioner. It smells amazing, but it’s TERRIBLE for your hair. Stick to lotions and body sprays, B&BW.

I’m not too familiar with gels and things like it, so this is going to be a short portion, but from what I’ve used I like RUSK Being Undressed. I’m not sure of the price for this.

One last tip before I go:
When you’re washing your hair, make sure it gets really sudsy or it’s not clean! (Don’t listen to this rule when using organic products usually because they tend to be clean after one lather and don’t generally get sudsy.) Read the directions as well. And you know how it says “Lather, rinse, repeat?” Follow those directions. Your hair will be much nicer if you repeat the process.

ARCHIVE: 15 November 2010

Didn’t you see this coming? This Thursday/Friday Deathly Hallows comes out! I’m massively excited, so here’s my post inspired by Harry Potter.


This is a more professional look. The top is (I think) a striped Mossimo top from Target. I’m not sure of the price because I got it from a friend when she didn’t fit it haha. The pants are just basic black pants- I think I got them from Maurice’s. You could find these at a number of stores. They usually have a really good selection of cheap ones at JC Penny’s. The red shoes… Well I’m obsessed. Every girl needs a pair of red pumps. This particular pair is a deep red, velvet, and gold-studded from Rue 21. Bargain alert- $24! I saw these and basically ran to the check-out counter bouncing around joyfully. Can’t tell I like shoes, can you?


Hermione’s look is always going to be a formal look, but with a really girly, cute twist. Here’s a floral blazer I got for $3 from Salvation Army; pair it with a yellow cami underneath. The skirt is a blue shiny material and it’s from Maurice’s. ($4) The shoes are shockingly a product of KMart! They lace up and they look really fun and spring-like when they’re worn. ($15) I actually really like this look. I think it’d be a fun outfit for a casual date. Guess what? This entire outfit cost $22. Win? I think so.


Ron’s is the most casual and fun. A green-yellow cardigan from Charlotte Russe, ($22) a cami from Victoria’s Secret that says, “Yes Please” on it, ($20) H&M dark wash jeans, ($10) and gold gladiator sandals. I have no idea where the sandals are from or how much they were- they were a gift. I’m obsessed with this cami. I saw it and just started cracking up. It’s absolutely one of the greatest pieces of clothing I have ever seen. This whole outfit is just a fun summer/fall look!


Lastly, we have dreamy Luna. She’s such a great character and all of her styles in the movie are adorable. This dress is Elle brand from Kohl’s. ($55) And the shoes are from DSW. ($45) The dress has a zipper down the front and the shoes have the curled zippers as decoration. They go together really well. And I like the color scheme a lot.
I want to find something that looks like the dress she wore to Slughorn’s Christmas party…

ARCHIVE: 15 November 2010

I couldn’t get a very good full body picture for this outfit. I’m wearing a zippered cardigan from Kohl’s and underneath is a little bit above the knee-length pink floral dress that I got from a designer resale shop for $25- originally $185. I teased my hair pretty much all around and put in a grey flower headband, also from Kohl’s. My makeup is really simple: Basic foundation, black winged liner on top and Mac’s Viva La Glam GaGa lipstick. I wore it with dark grey mid-calf socks and black ankle boots! I really did like this outfit, but it was a bit warm at school. Nice to throw on when you wake up late!

A casual outfit?! Crazy talk! Well, I finally wore something that wasn’t that intricate or fashion-esque. I have a Simply Vera jacket from Kohl’s on. ($65) Underneath, I’m wearing a light green tank from Marshall’s. ($15) The jeans are from AE and I paid $60 for them which I usually wouldn’t pay, but it’s whatever because I needed jeans… BADLY. Haha I only have three pairs and none of them fit me right! The shoes are Coach from last spring’s collection. I got them at a Coach outlet for about $60 and I had a 40% off coupon. If you’re buying expensive items that have outlets- GO GO GO! Savings. Pure bliss. If you’ll notice… My hair looks super soft! I did a moisturizing treatment on it. I’m not really sure of which one I used, but it’s from Sally’s. I had it in for about four and a half hours and when I got it out my hair just felt fantastic. I have my basic face makeup on and here’s the eyes…
Eye makeup how-to:

  • Put on an eye primer. I like Urban Decay’s Potion Primer.
  • Swipe MAC’s “Shroom” eyeshadow over the entire lid.
  • Use a light brown color and dab it on the corners.
  • Apply black gel liner on top and black pencil liner on the bottom.
  • You’re done! This is a really simple, easy look for school.

I’ve been wearing sweatpants a lot lately and not really doing much with my hair or makeup… I’ve just been busy lately; hence the lack of posting. I’ll have more soon.

ARCHIVE: 9 November 2010

Technically speaking it’s the ninth, but it still feels like the eighth, considering it’s only been the ninth for thirty-two minutes. I’m for sure going to need Caribou and a smack in the face to get through tomorrow.

I’m excited for my hair tomorrow! I’m going to do kind of an updo- but with a hair bow. Ya know, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to call it because “hair bow” sounds awkward- but think Gaga.

I honestly wish I could give you guys this fantastic, well thought-out post, but I really don’t have anything at the moment. So I’ll just talk about a few things I like and tomorrow I’ll probably be talking mainly about my hair and a tiny bit about my makeup and outfit. Still not sure what I’m wearing. Oh well… I usually plan my outfits from shoes, so this is a step up… Did you get that? STEP?! Cause… Shoes… Alright I’m obviously tired.

Ah… Before I start I realized that I’m going to still give you guys updates even when I’m out of town. For example, I’ll be in Hawaii from December 20-30 and I’m obviously not going to want to blog everyday when I could be sitting on the beach. (Unless they have WiFi on the beach… In which case I might be a little on account of my unbearable happiness.) So I’ll type up ten posts and queue them to be posted on each day. Woo. You love me. Now onto the fashion, which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

I found this on LookBook – if you don’t know about LookBook, go now: – and I couldn’t tell you who this person is, but if you find out, just let me know and I’ll credit them.
It’s hard to tell if she has a bow in her hair or more of an intricate updo, but either way I like it and it inspired me for my hair look tomorrow. I adore vintage-looking glasses- I have some. I have the Ray ban wayfarers in a cream and blue color.
These. I love them. I was really upset when I first saw them because they were under the sunglasses part, but the lady noticed that and was like, “We can put in clear lenses.” I got so excited! I’m asked all the time if they’re real and every single time I say yes, the person immediately puts them on; do you think I’m lying to you or something? I hate it when people wear fake glasses. Back to the look- I’m not crazy about the outfit. I like it, but it’s not something that I could blog about. I adore tights, I wear them all the time and I like how they look with peep-toed heels. This girl isn’t wearing peep-toe, but they still look great; I think it’s because of the actual heel of the shoes. They also appear to be suede?

I was flipping through my September VOGUE (The huge one with Halle Berry on the cover.) and just kind of looking at designers. I ended up looking online at Gucci, Chanel, D&G, Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, (DVF) Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, DKNY, and Dillard’s. The things I loved most were at DVF and DKNY. I’ve always loved DVF’s dresses ever since the first Twilight movie came out in I believe 2008…? She designed the dress Alice wears when Bella comes over for the first time. I’m pretty sure the world fell in love with that dress; including me. When I finally found it online, I was unpleasantly surprised to see that it was $500. Maybe some other time when I’m a millionaire. Some of the styles that were most appealing to me were the classic black and cream longer trench coats. They look great with anything. I have one white Bebe coat and one tan Bebe coat that I got on sale last year for $40 and $50. They’re great quality and style and I could wear them every single day without getting sick of them.
This is the white one that I got for $50.
I couldn’t find the exact brown trench I got from Bebe, ($40) but here is one from Burberry that looks very similar.

I should probably get to sleep or at least rest for a bit, so I’ll leave you with one thing- H&M has some beautiful dresses right now for around $60 and less. Run to your nearest store and have your money prepared.