ARCHIVE: 9 November 2010

Technically speaking it’s the ninth, but it still feels like the eighth, considering it’s only been the ninth for thirty-two minutes. I’m for sure going to need Caribou and a smack in the face to get through tomorrow.

I’m excited for my hair tomorrow! I’m going to do kind of an updo- but with a hair bow. Ya know, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to call it because “hair bow” sounds awkward- but think Gaga.

I honestly wish I could give you guys this fantastic, well thought-out post, but I really don’t have anything at the moment. So I’ll just talk about a few things I like and tomorrow I’ll probably be talking mainly about my hair and a tiny bit about my makeup and outfit. Still not sure what I’m wearing. Oh well… I usually plan my outfits from shoes, so this is a step up… Did you get that? STEP?! Cause… Shoes… Alright I’m obviously tired.

Ah… Before I start I realized that I’m going to still give you guys updates even when I’m out of town. For example, I’ll be in Hawaii from December 20-30 and I’m obviously not going to want to blog everyday when I could be sitting on the beach. (Unless they have WiFi on the beach… In which case I might be a little on account of my unbearable happiness.) So I’ll type up ten posts and queue them to be posted on each day. Woo. You love me. Now onto the fashion, which is what this blog is supposed to be about.

I found this on LookBook – if you don’t know about LookBook, go now: – and I couldn’t tell you who this person is, but if you find out, just let me know and I’ll credit them.
It’s hard to tell if she has a bow in her hair or more of an intricate updo, but either way I like it and it inspired me for my hair look tomorrow. I adore vintage-looking glasses- I have some. I have the Ray ban wayfarers in a cream and blue color.
These. I love them. I was really upset when I first saw them because they were under the sunglasses part, but the lady noticed that and was like, “We can put in clear lenses.” I got so excited! I’m asked all the time if they’re real and every single time I say yes, the person immediately puts them on; do you think I’m lying to you or something? I hate it when people wear fake glasses. Back to the look- I’m not crazy about the outfit. I like it, but it’s not something that I could blog about. I adore tights, I wear them all the time and I like how they look with peep-toed heels. This girl isn’t wearing peep-toe, but they still look great; I think it’s because of the actual heel of the shoes. They also appear to be suede?

I was flipping through my September VOGUE (The huge one with Halle Berry on the cover.) and just kind of looking at designers. I ended up looking online at Gucci, Chanel, D&G, Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, (DVF) Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, DKNY, and Dillard’s. The things I loved most were at DVF and DKNY. I’ve always loved DVF’s dresses ever since the first Twilight movie came out in I believe 2008…? She designed the dress Alice wears when Bella comes over for the first time. I’m pretty sure the world fell in love with that dress; including me. When I finally found it online, I was unpleasantly surprised to see that it was $500. Maybe some other time when I’m a millionaire. Some of the styles that were most appealing to me were the classic black and cream longer trench coats. They look great with anything. I have one white Bebe coat and one tan Bebe coat that I got on sale last year for $40 and $50. They’re great quality and style and I could wear them every single day without getting sick of them.
This is the white one that I got for $50.
I couldn’t find the exact brown trench I got from Bebe, ($40) but here is one from Burberry that looks very similar.

I should probably get to sleep or at least rest for a bit, so I’ll leave you with one thing- H&M has some beautiful dresses right now for around $60 and less. Run to your nearest store and have your money prepared.


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