ARCHIVE: 7 November 2010

I’m actually still in my pajamas and my hair looks like a crazy person’s. So I’ll do a trend post today…

I have an obsession with Betsey Johnson’s… Everything. I only have a few things from her, because all of her items are really expensive, but when I do have, I love.

The first thing I bought was a polka dot bustle jacket- it was on last chance sale for $125.

I love it. The back is really fun and kind of flops out a bit. I found this picture on this-  blog. She has a few more pictures of the jacket so you can check out the back as well. After that I was homecoming dress shopping and found my baby. The dress was originally $278, but I got it for $225 on their Labor Day weekend sale.

Here’s a crop of one of my homecoming photos- this is the dress. It’s a leathery-like material. I love the cut of the bust as well as the cinched bottom. It was a bit short, which bothered me, and when I got some tulle to put underneath it, it didn’t look very good. So I just dealt with it. It was fine though because it still ended up looking great!
After all of this, I discovered the best thing ever… TJ Maxx sells Betsey Johnson things sometimes at low prices. A hallelujiah chorus rang out. I found this bag…
 for only $50! I think I peed a little. It’s so cute and I adore it. The bag has so much room for all of the crap that I carry around and it’s obviously great quality. The little clutch that comes with it is great; I like to put like tampons and pads in it so that you’re always prepared. On the side are little pouches to put your credit cards, money, lipgloss, phone, whatever you want. It’s fabulous. I’m not usually a purse person, but I carry this one around like it’s my child.
Last, but not least, I got some socks. Yeah. Try to contain your jealousy. I couldn’t really find a picture of these ones, but it’s whatever. They were $10 and came in a pack of four. They’re black and grey. I love them, they go great with harem pants and heels.

I’m really like her current collection, “Goth Guns.”
This knit cardigan is $160.
This draped jacket is $298 and has an awesome tie-up back.

I should probably start on my homework, since I haven’t done any of it all weekend. Ugh. I’ll be making a trip to ULTA today, so hopefully I can do a haul post tomorrow.
Ta ta for now!

(EDIT – 11/9/10)
When I did get changed that day, I took two quick pictures. And I didn’t end up getting anything at ULTA. Sad day, but I prefer Sephora.


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