ARCHIVE: 7 December 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, but I’ve been nasty sick and I don’t think you want a post or video on, “How to cough up mucus and lay in bed gasping for air as your immune system fails you.” Not pleasant. I would like to be sleeping right now, but I slept all day and I’m not very tired and it’s also harder to breathe when I lay down. Hopefully I’ll edit the one video I did make before I got sick soon. (Jar of Hearts)

Anyway, today is an interesting post. I was looking through the Beauty Gurus on YouTube and came across Promise’s video. (For those of you who don’t know- Promise is Michelle Phan’s, the biggest Guru on YT, sister.) Her video is a “Ganguro” look. At first I thought it was a Halloween tutorial, but now I realize it’s actually a style!

This is the average Ganguro look. It is an alternative fashion in Japan and has been around for about 10 years. It is characterized by dark, bronzed skin, lots of creamy white makeup around the eyes and lips, black eyeliner, bright hair, and many facial and hair adornments. I have no problem with this look, I can respect the culture. However, it’s not for me. I don’t think this would look all that great on me. Oh well!

The thing I found interesting about this is that while in Japan it is considered a subculture in fashion, if you take off the hair/facial adornments and lighten up on the eye and lip makeup, this is what people refer to as a “cake-face.” I’ve been told I cake on my makeup. I personally don’t think I do, but teach their own.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Adam Lambert, but his makeup is very caked on. You can see he has pock marks which are caused by acne. In an effort to cover them, he has more makeup than necessary on. Looking at his cheeks especially you’ll notice how the foundation looks creamy and painted on rather than blending with his skin. The good thing about his is that it matches his skin tone. Speaking of skin tones…
The more commonly known cake-faces are called at my school, “carrots.” Best known example? Snooki!

Excessive tanning can cause orange looking skin, rather than a nice bronze glow. Speaking from my experience, (Seeing girls at my school who cake on makeup) this generally happens not when one uses a UV tanning bed, (like Snooki does) but from spray-tanning. Let me get one thing straight here- I am not bashing people who spray-tan. I’m just trying to explain ways to make the tan look more natural and not like a spray. Spray tanning can work, but it can also produce an orange skin tone, discoloration, and patches of darker color. It truly depends on the person. I know people who spray-tan that clearly should not, and I also know people who do and look fine. The spray-tan by itself usually doesn’t make the skin look too orange-y, but the makeup that is applied after does. Many people use bronzers which, when used correctly, can look gorgeous, but when used incorrectly…

Yeah it just doesn’t look good. So here are some tips for applying bronzer-

  • Use a powder-based bronzer because it will blend with the foundation you already are wearing.
  • Don’t put it all over your face! Bronzer is not the equivalent of foundation. It is mean to accentuate certain areas of the face, namely the cheeks.
  • Apply bronzer to in the hollows of your cheeks OR the apples of your cheeks. If you do both, there will be too much.
  • Apply a small amount first. It’s much harder to take away the bronzer without ruining the rest of your makeup than it is to simply apply a bit more.
  • Don’t use expired makeup. Yes, makeup does expire! Everyone’s guilty of keeping makeup too long. I do! There are certain things that you can and can’t keep for too long and bronzer is one of those that you need to THROW AWAY! I’d suggest getting a new bronzer every six months if it’s a creme or a pressed powder. Mineral or loose powder could probably go up to a year. It also depends on the quality of the makeup. If you’re getting Dollar Store brand, get another one in a month. If you’re using Yves Saint Laurent then you can probably use it for a year.
  • Blend it with the rest of your makeup. It should highlight your face, not darken it.
  • Don’t go for a color that’s too dark for you. If you’re buying a brand where they have a store or a counter, or you’re buying something from a store like Sephora or Ulta, ask an employee to help you! That’s why they’re there.

The last thing I’ll talk about is the nasty face line. I’m pretty tolerant of screw-ups in makeup because not everyone knows how to do their makeup correctly and really, it’s not a big deal. BUT, I can’t stand it when I see the foundation line.
After searching for quite a bit, I found an example.

You can see the literal line where the makeup stops and starts in the first picture. Don’t do this! It’s not contouring.

I think I’ve made my point.
This is the end of this post. Ttfn!


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