ARCHIVE: 6 November 2010

Today I actually have outfit and makeup pictures! Woo!

I’m wearing a “slubbed” top by Hang Ten from Kohl’s. ($11) Over, I’m wearing a boyfriend cardigan, also from Kohl’s. ($10) The blue top is kind of short, so underneath I’m wearing a long tank from Victoria’s Secret. ($15) On bottom I’m wearing jeggings from H&M ($12) that I absolutely love! Jeggings are such a great style. They’re so comfortable and when worn properly can look really nice with an outfit. A lot of times they’re also cheaper than buying a real pair of jeans which is nice since I don’t have unlimited amounts of money. (I wish!) Shoes today are one of my favorite pairs- purple high boots that I got from Salvation Army for $3. Great success!

Makeup How-To:

  • Prime your eyes. I like Urban Decay’s Potion primer.
  • Brush MAC’s “Tilt” over the entire lid.
  • Brush MAC’s “Shroom” over the brow bone.
  • Using a thick brush, carefully dab a black color. Today I was using an Urban Decay set called “Smoked Out” and using the darkest black color in the palette.
  • Line your eyes with pencil; medium thickness on top, thick on the outer corners of the bottom, and light on the water line.
  • Put three coats of black mascara on and one purple coat on top to brighten your eyes. It doesn’t matter what you use for the mascara, but I’m using MAC PlushLash in B88, Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition in black, and Physician’s Formula (drug store brand) dual end mascara for brown eyes. This particular one comes with purple and black in one and I actually really like it! I’m not sure of other places, but I know that Target carries it.

My hair was inspired by a look in an ad for L’Oreal hair spray that I saw in September VOGUE. My hair’s kind of dirty, so I couldn’t have it down and I really didn’t feel like showering- way too much effort. Of course after I had all my hair done up, I realized I could’ve just used dry shampoo. (I like Tresemme Fresh Start dry shampoo for oily/normal straight hair.)  Oh well. I really do like how it turned out.

I wanted to blog about some trends I’ve been noticing, but I just don’t have the time today. I’ll hopefully post tomorrow!


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