ARCHIVE: 5 November 2010

I really didn’t do much except kill my GPA with bombing every test I took. Fantastic. Oh well. I would’ve started posting outfits today, except I’m wearing sweats and a fan shirt. The sweats are Nike and from Kohl’s. ($35) The shirt is a Bones fan shirt from Cafe Press. ($22) I was wearing brown, soft, patterned, boots from Bath & Body Works. ($6) My hair is just crimped a bit and it’s already coming out. I need to do a refining masque on it- it feels like straw! My makeup is a simple black shadow on the outer edge with liner on the top and slightly on the outer corner of the bottom. Then, I applied my usual: Three coats of three different types of mascara, BE foundation, BE blush, and Sephora gloss. Tonight I’m not really sure what I’m doing, but hopefully it won’t involve dressing like a human. I’m too comfortable. After I blog, I’m going to go get some Caribou! I’m exhausted and I have a headache because I’ve barely had any caffeine lately.

Something I wanted to talk about today is a style that’s coming back in from the 80’s- velvet. Now for all of those people who are stuck in the eighties, they need to know that though that was the last time this was high fashion, it is not the inspiration designers are using. Designers are using inspiration from couture 20’s dresses.

When looking for something velvet, think this.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to wear a dress that looks like this. It’s hideous, tacky, and cheap-looking. Even when you find a high quality clothing item made from velvet, there’s always the possibility of it looking cheap. Be sure to thoroughly check what the item looks like and see if it’s a good investment.

These outfits by Elisa Palomino (Fall 2010 Collection) are absolutely gorgeous and incorporate lots of velvet into their looks


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