ARCHIVE: 5 February 2011

Hello guys! This is going to be a post about Snow Week at my school. Before I get into that I just wanted to answer some questions I’ve been getting:
-My titles are lyrics from the song that’s currently playing as I type these.
-No, cover-up does not have the same effect as foundation.
-I’m from Minnesota.

Now back to Snow Week. At my school we have a week every February called “Snow Week.” Students can make teams and participate in competitions, we have a dress-up day for each day of the week all leading up to the Neon Dance on Saturday! I love the Neon Dance so much, but I’ll be posting about that probably on Sunday. I love the dress-up days. We have them twice a year- homecoming week and snow week. This week we have…
Monday- Pajama Day
Tuesday- Ugly Sweater Day
Wednesday- Safari Day
Thursday- Patriotic Day
Friday- Jersey Day

I’m going to be talking about my outfits for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Monday was pajama day. Nearly everyone wore footie pajamas, but I wanted to be different and footie pajamas are way too hot for over-heated school! So I decided to go with a Risky Business look. You know? The one where Tom Cruise slides out? “Just take those old records off the shelf!”

I was going to originally wear shorter shorts, but those just looked like I had a one night stand so here’s what I ended up with:

For makeup? I literally wore the makeup I woke up in. I figured for a straight-out-of-bed look why not do that literally? I stole one of my dad’s long sleeved, purple, striped, button-down shirts. I buttoned one of the buttons and left the rest open. I wore a dark purple camisole underneath. For shorts I have little turquoise pajama shorts with lime green polka dots. I put my hair in messy pigtails. For socks, even though you can’t see them, they were Spongebob Squarepants! I didn’t wear shoes that day.

Wednesday was Safari Day. I wanted to dress up and do my makeup like the black swan, but swans aren’t really a part of a safari… So instead I decided to do tiger-inspired eyes. Me, being the dumb one, I am, didn’t take very good pictures, but here are the two I do have:

(I’m being a tiger here.)
Oh! And I got full bangs. But more about that another time.
How did I do my eyes? YAYYY:) You get a tutorial. If you don’t want to figure out how to do this, just skip down past the text!

Tiger Eyes How-To
Level of Difficulty- Expert (Just keep practicing!)
Here’s what you’re gonna need: Primer, dark and light gold shadows, white cream eyeliner, burnt orange cream eyeshadow. If you don’t have this, just take a red eyeshadow and an orange eyeshadow and mix it together slightly wet. It should work just fine. Black gel eyeliner, brushes for said shadows and liners, false lashes, and an eyelash curler.

  1. Start by priming your eyes. You can use an actual primer (My favorite is Urban Decay’s Potion Primer) or you can improvise and use a liquid foundation or liquid/stick cover-up. Mineral doesn’t work that well, but it’s better than nothing. It’s giving your makeup a layer to stick to that isn’t your skin.
  2. Brush the dark gold shadow on the outer v and crease of your eye. Blend well.
  3. Brush the light gold shadow on the inside of the eye, as well as below the waterline.
  4. Blend the colors well.
  5. Right outside the crease on the v line, brush a tiny bit of the burnt orange shadow. Don’t put on too much. You can always add more, but it’s a lot harder to take off a bit. Blend well.
  6. Line your upper lid with black gel liner in a cat-like formation. (Winged)
  7. Line the bottom, as well as the water line with the black gel liner. Be careful not to get it in your eye- gel liner tends to irritate more than pencil.
  8. Here comes the hard part. If you want to stop now, you’ll just have a fun goldish, red eye. For the tiger eye you can continue on. For reference, I suggest having a picture of the makeup you’re going to be doing and/or a picture of a tiger’s eyes.
  9. Using the black gel liner, make small, short lines on the outer edge of your eye. Don’t go past the midpoint. (If you don’t know where the midpoint is- it’s the middle of your pupil.)
  10. Bring the lines out in a v shape. Bring it out at least a few centimeters, for the dramatic, tiger look.
  11. Don’t forget to add one or two lines underneath the eye.
  12. Add or erase lines as needed. To remove them, I like using a q-tip dipped in makeup remover. Be careful not to erase the shadow, and if you do, remember to fix it.
  13. Once you’re done fixing the black lines, it’s time to fill them in with a white cream eyeliner. I used a pencil liner, but it had a creamy feeling and I warmed it up on my hand before using it. Fill in most of the spaces inside the black lines.
  14. At the end of the outer v, blend the white out with the black. (You still want a winged look, just a bit thicker.)
  15. Fix the lines, and add black if needed.
  16. Get out your false lashes, and trim them to the length you need. If you don’t, they’ll poke you in the eyes all day and it’s terribly annoying.
  17. Using your lash glue, (I like Duo from Sephora, it’s about $8 and should last ages!) line the strip of the lash with a thin layer. If it’s too thick, it will glob down and won’t look very good.
  18. Let it dry for 30-50 seconds. You want the glue to be tacky. If you put the lashes on right away, the glue will sting your eye.
  19. Carefully place the eyelash as close as you possibly can to your actual lash line. Move around as necessary, but not too much that the glue won’t work anymore.
  20. Wait a few minutes, then curl your lashes. (Your real lashes and fake lashes together.)
  21. Apply mascara if needed/wanted.

Voila! You’re done! Remember, each eye shouldn’t look exactly the same because that’s definitely not how it is in nature. Play around with this and don’t expect it to be perfect the first time. The picture that you see of my eyes is my first time doing it, and it didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it, but I still liked it. If you have any questions, just go to the ask box and send it in! I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Onto patriotic day!
Honestly I’m not a very patriotic person and I think that patriotic outfits generally look pretty tacky. So instead, I went with a chic look. Curled hair, heavy makeup, nice jacket, jeggings, and heels. I really liked how my makeup turned out! I blended the colors together a lot so it didn’t look globbed on.

Side note- Yes, I am wearing false lashes here.

Here you can see just a bit of my outfit. I have my hair slightly curled, bangs down, light red lipstick, and a white jacket with a red camisole underneath. Even though you can’t see them, I’m wearing plain jeggings from H&M. I got them in August for about $10.  This is one of my favorite coats, but you can’t really see it in this picture. I wore it for Confirmation last may… Please excuse my dumbfound look. It was extremely sunny and rather annoying to take pitures in.

I got this coat from Bebe, last year at the end of the season on sale for about $50. Bebe can be expensive, but make sure to check out their sales because you can find really good deals! This was a $140 coat! By the way, if you guys haven’t figured this out yet, I don’t pay full price for anything. Bargains FTW.


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