ARCHIVE: 19 December 2010

This will be talking about what are, in my opinion, the beauty essentials to bring on a vacation. I’m going to be taking a ten day vacation to Hawaii- which is pretty exciting since I hate cold weather- and of course, I’m packing last minute. I’ll be talking about what I like to bring on my trip. If you’re going someplace where you won’t be on the beach a lot, you may want to bring a bit more. I put on minimal makeup for the beach.

Let’s start with brushes.
(1) Kabuki brush- for mineral foundation. I’m using IQQU handcrafted red bristled Kabuki brush.
(7) Eyeshadow brushes, assorted sizes- I have a double ended BE brush with one large flat side and one small fluffy side. Next, an elf eyeshadow “C” brush. The one I like to use with shading is my ULTA Professional brush which is basically the basic eyeshadow brush. Also, an elf defining brush, an ULTA smudge brush, and an Estee Lauder brush- for the EL I’m not really sure what type it is. It’s thin and small and very fluffy! Lastly, I’ll be bringing my Sonia Kashuk for Target Breast Cancer Awareness brush. It’s similar to the EL brush except it has a few more bristles.
(1) Fluffy brush- Mine is from the Kohl’s FLIRT! line. It’s just your basic fluffy brush, nothing special. I use it to blend my shadows.
(1) Liquid/gel liner brush- Gel liner is my new obsession. I’m bring one from IQQU. I love this brush, it’s honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
(1) Concealer brush- I love the bristles on the BE Max Coverage Concealer.
(1) Sample sized Kabuki brush- I got a foundation sample from BE and it came with a little sample foundation brush. I love it. I use it for on the go blush/bronzer.

List of products:
IQQU Red Kabuki Brush
Double Ended Precision Brush
All e.l.f. Prodcuts
ULTA Eye Shadow Brush
ULTA Smudge Brush
All Estee Lauder Products
All Sonia Kashuk for Target Products
Kohl’s Cosmetic Products
Eyeliner Brush
BE Concealer Brush
BE Baby Buki Brush (Sample sized Kabuki brush) 

(3) Mascaras- I use three different brands. To find them, look at the product list.
(2) Lipsticks- MAC Dazzleglass in a light pink sparkly color. Nice for a radiant, bright look. Also, MAC Viva La Glam Gaga which is a light light light pink color. I love it. I use it almost everyday.
(7) Eyeshadows- I’ll just give you the colors and you can find the actual products on the list; Yellow, light pink, silver glitter, light blue, light green, creamy pink/gold, as well as one smokey eye palette.
(2) Eyeliners- I’m bringing one gel and one pencil.
(2) Foundation/bronzer, etc- Both are mineral bronzers and foundation.
Bring some assorted lipglosses and chapsticks as well.

List of Products:
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
BE Flawless Definition Mascara
Physician’s Formula Custom Duo Mascara
MAC Dazzleglass Lipgloss
MAC Viva La Glam Gaga Lipstick
Makeup Forever Eyeshadow in Yellow
BE Light Pink Shadow
BE Light Blue
BE Light Green
MAC Shadow in Forgery
Kohl’s Flirt Whipped Cream Shadow in 07 Cross My Heart
Urban Decay Smoke Out Set (This links to all of their eyeshadows.)
Beautique Eyeliner Pencil in 714000 (Black)
Boots Botanics Cream Eyeliner- They don’t have mine anymore, but I’m sure you can find a similar one on this link.
BE Mineral Foundation
BE Warmth Bronzer

I’m not really sure how much more I can tell you… I’ll just put a few basic things. I’m not going to put a product list because that takes way too long and it’s almost midnight, but if I particularly like a product I’ll link to it- noted with a *.

  • Bedhead Hard Head Hairspray *
  • Hairbrushes
  • Flat iron, I love this Behead one *
  • Curling Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Deodorant (THIS=Important! Hahah!)
  • Perfume, I’m using DKNY Be Delicious, which is considered one of the most recognizable perfume scents. *
  • Lotion, with and without scents
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (Here’s the link to a post I did about these)
  • Bobby pins, hair bands, etc.
    -You can really just bring whatever fits you best. Look around your room and see if you’re missing anything. Go through your daily routine and see what you still need.

Hope this helps! This is also a great list to look at if you’re wondering about a few of my favorite products. I can do one further in depth later, but after an hour I think this post is complete. Happy holidays!


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