Get The Look: Nina Nesbitt




Here is Nina’s official video for “Boy” which is a song I CAN’T stop listening to. It’s so clever and so fun, with a lot of heart.

This is Ed Sheeran’s video for “Drunk” which features Nina. This is how I found out about her originally. I was obsessed with this random girl in the video because of her look and style for a few months before I found out it was Nina Nesbitt.

Here is my Nina Nesbitt inspired look!


My foundation was just put on like normal, with very slight contouring to make sure my face had some dimension! I’m not sure what I used on my brows. I got it a long time ago and I just started using it… Sorry! :( For my eyes, I just used Urban Decay’s primer potion to prime the eyes and lined my eyes with Kat Von D’s tattoo liner in “trooper” which is the black colour. I’m using Too Faced’s “LashGasm” mascara. Nina’s lips are red, but not a very bright red, so I used Maybelline’s “Color Sensational” lip stain in #65 “cranberry rush.” I topped it off with lip balm. I used “Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15“.

I started out by putting on a heat protectant. I use “Not Your Mother’s.” Then, I very lightly waved the top layer of my hair with my flat iron. (I use a CHI) I didn’t need to tease my hair because it’s pretty big on it’s own, but most people probably will need to tease their hair to get a lot of body. Nina’s hair is pretty big. I finished by making sure my bangs were nice and big and covered a good part of my face! :)

PhotobucketI’m wearing a big red sweater from H&M. I got it a year or two ago, sorry I don’t remember how much it was! I’m wearing BDG jean shorts from Urban Outfitters. The leggings are from Kohl’s. The boots are from a store called Spirit, which is now closed.


4 thoughts on “Get The Look: Nina Nesbitt

  1. I need tips on how to tease my hair all the way and not make it look like a mess.
    I have really long straight hair. Any tips? please help!

    • I don’t have really straight hair but if I were you, I’de braid my damp hair before going to bed, and then use hairspray (only hairspray no comb or anything) to just ‘fluff’ it up a bit in the morning. Good luck! x

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